Friendship Breakups Suck. But Here’s Why They’re So Important.

Reevaluate 'The Purpose of Friendship.'

In a world where the number of social media "friends," likes, and followers dominate, it's easy to forget what real friendship is all about. You may even find yourself tolerating people in your circle that you don't particularly enjoy spending time with. 

The School of Life's new animated video breaks down "The Purpose of Friendship" in a way that brings the relationship full circle right back to you. The circle of friends you keep really reflects how you feel about yourself and your life, so keeping Negative Nancys close could actually be a mirror image of the insecurities you hold within yourself. 

But don't fret, there's a solution. It may not be an easy one for some, but breaking up with so-called friends that constantly put you down and really don't want to see you succeed is not only cleansing for the soul, it's also necessary, and may be one of your New Year's resolutions.

"The more we define what a friendship might be for, the more we can focus in on what we should be doing with every person in our lives," the video states. "Or indeed, the more we can helpfully conclude that we shouldn't be with them at all." 


Check out the video below to start refining your inner circle:


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