Even The Happiest People Sometimes Feel Sad. Here’s Why That’s OK.

"The art of being constructively in touch with our sadder, more melancholy feelings."

Sometimes a good cry is actually what's called for, as pushing hard feelings aside to constantly feel happy isn't always the best remedy.

The School of Life tackles this issue with its latest video, "How to Be Sad," because, well, there are days that our existence isn't all roses.

The partially animated video gets down to the nitty-gritty of how feeling whole means being able to deal with all emotions. After all, if you're constantly happy, it could be a sign that you're burying your true feelings.

"There is such a pressure on us to be cheerful," the description of the video states. "And yet in order to properly be content, we need to learn, sometimes, the art of being constructively in touch with our sadder, more melancholy feelings."

If you can't tolerate problems or any difficulties, it could be a form of depression, as the video states. And if you're brought up by a parent or guardian who deals with this problem, it could place undue stress on you to be the ray of sunlight in their life all the time even if you're walking around with a cloud over your head.

"So quite early on the manically jolly person got into the role of being an upbeat cheerleader, not because they were but because they had to be," the video explains.

But just as joy, fear, love, and anger are a part of our reality, so is pain and sadness.

The School of Life's approach to explaining this dismal circumstance through graphics, animation, and even showing a couple struggling with being true to their feelings, makes it a bit easier to cope with those days where we're feeling blue.

"We need to have the courage to allow it to work properly," the video states about the ability to deal with the harsh emotions just as we do with the bright ones. "We need to learn to feel the pain of our lives authentically before its joys can feel real."

A balance of emotions and how we react to them is key.


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