This Science Experiment Will Blow Your Mind, We Stand By That

Sulfur Hexafluoride, you are RAD!

Science is fun and we have a tasty treat for those who think otherwise.

Science instructors at the Harvard Department Of Natural Sciences filmed an amazing demo of Schlieren Optics, a technique that allows us to see the flow of the air.

Playing with a bunch of heated gases, these people show how invisible magic happens when we light up a match or use the hair dryer. MIND = BLOWN.

According to the demonstrations' website, Schlieren Optics makes it possible to see "warm convection currents rising from your hand or, cold air sinking from a glass of ice water." Gases other than air, such as helium or sulfur hexafluoride, can also be seen with this technique.

If you are curious to know more about the Schlieren Optics, please visit the Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations website.

(via Reddit)

For more fun science experiments, take a look at our everyday things placed under a powerful microscope, or imagine your life through a thermal camera.

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