Little Girl And Kitten Bring Joy To Each Other After Surviving Against All Odds

Meant to be together.

Meet 2-year-old Scarlette Tipton and her new friend, Doc.

They are both missing one of their arms, for different reasons.

According to the about section on her Smiles For Scarlette Facebook page, she was born with a never-before-seen type of cancer. More specifically, it can be defined as "Lipofibromatosis (masses made up of fatty tumors and fibrous material) and a vague diagnosis of Sarcoma called Undifferentiated Spindle Cell Sarcoma."

According to ABC News, at only 10 months, Scarlette had her left arm amputated to save her life.


While Doc doesn't suffer from cancer, he also has experienced a traumatic event.

According to Daily Mail, he had his leg severely mangled from a car fan belt.

It was so bad, that vets thought it might be better to euthanize him. However, they were miraculously able to save the kitten.

Scarlette's parents, Matthew and Simone, thought it would be a good idea if Scarlette had a pet she could grow up with and relate to.

Then, on December 30, they took a trip to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus in California, which is where they found Doc.

The duo connected immediately and have since become quite close friends.

Watch the full video below:


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