19 Bold Tattoos That Look Like Watercolor Paintings

Even her temporary tattoo designs are fantastic.

If you're in the market for a bold, colorful tattoo, Sasha Unisex may have just the design for you. 

The Russian tattoo artist specializes in a unique watercolor style that makes her tattoos vibrant and eye-catching.  

"During my first year as a tattoo artist, I was actively searching for my style," Sasha told TattooYou. "I wanted to create something personal and unique. Today I can say that I managed to do it. I can often hear people say that they have never seen anything similar before, and that feels good." 

Her tattoos are often inspired by nature, with designs revolving around animals, flowers, and space. 

Sasha also has her very own line of temporary tattoos for those who love her work, but don't want to fully commit. 


Check out some of her tattoo designs below:

1. Plane

2. Bullfinch

3. Wolf

4. Unicorn

5. Fox

6. Cardinal

7. Bear

8. Tree

9. Owl

10. Lavender

11. Sherlock cat

12. Polar bear

13. Ribbon

14. Peony

15. Lion

16. Ocean at sunset

17. Yorkie

18. Rose bird

19. Peacock


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