Sarah Jessica Parker And Jimmy Fallon Have A Weird Date Night In 'Mad Lib Theater'

"I live with 52 untrustworthy rhinos."

Carrie Bradshaw never had a date quite like the one Sarah Jessica Parker acted out with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday night. It was part of "Mad Lib Theater," one of Fallon's silliest games to play with his guests — and that's saying a lot.

The game takes one of our favorite things from childhood, Mad Libs, and turns it into a short play. Fallon has played it with everyone from John Cena to Kristen Wiig, with themes ranging from Christmas to doctor's visits. This time, with Valentine's Day coming up, Parker joined the host for a date scene.

First, Fallon asked Parker to fill in the blanks on their script, requesting everything from a famous cartoon character (Popeye, obviously) to a pair of rhyming words ("spies" and "eyes" will do). That's how they end up on just about the weirdest date ever, with Fallon talking about his passion for digging and Parker sharing that she loves "taking long walks to France."

But the real kicker comes when Fallon confesses his big secret: "I live with 52 untrustworthy rhinos." Parker is shocked, to say the least, although she still recites her favorite Valentine's poem for him. (Those aforementioned rhyming words come in handy.)

See how the date turns out in the video below:


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