This Basketball Fan Expertly Recreating 13 Iconic Shots Is The Definition Of March Madness

Have you caught the fever?


March Madness is here, and everybody from college students to President Obama have filled out their brackets in anticipation of the big dance among the 68 NCAA men's basketball teams (well, fewer now, given that some have been eliminated).

Perhaps one of the fans who most eagerly awaited the closing games of the college basketball season is Samuel Healy. The Massachusetts native, who went to school at Virginia Tech and now resides in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, hit the courts on Sunday to film an idea that had been brewing for a few years.

In the resulting clip, the 30-year-old recreates 13 iconic baskets sunk in the NCAA's storied history.

"The whole thing took 40 minutes," Healy says. "I thought it would be a lot longer, but I'm thinking of doing blooper reel with the missed shots."

Jokes aside, let's talk more about the baskets he hit, which are pretty spectacular given the rainy conditions in which they were filmed. Within the clip, video of previous NCAA tournament and regular season games leads up to shots of Healy — who gears up and lands the imitated shots, all while the audio from the original games continues to play over the newly recorded video (and Luther Vandross' "One Shining Moment").

One of his favorite shots from the compilation? 

"A half-court shot from the Wisconsin vs. Michigan game. It's not from a tournament, but the shot linked well with audio," he says.

And the toughest shot? The one that rounds out the clip, featuring former Duke player and NBA hall-of-famer Christian Laettner, one of college ball's best players. 

"The Laettner shot shouldn't have been hard, but I'm a guard," the former high school player says. "I'm not used to those fade aways." 

The copywriter — who also hosts the American Univeristy Hoops Podcast, which he jokingly says has a following of about 15-20 loyal fans made up of players' moms — knew March Madness was the perfect opportunity to launch the video, and hopes it'll get some attention on his portfolio now that he's a viral sensation.

"This video is a lot easier to do today thanks to technology," Healy tells A Plus. "Back in the day, it would have meant using a camcorder and learning all kinds of tech, but it's so easy nowadays."

But his shooting? That's all skill. Check out the video above to see what we mean.

(H/T: Deadspin | RedEye Chicago)


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