This Guy Challenged Himself To Find His Next Date ... Offline. See How It All Went Down.

It's a jungle out there.

Approximately 40 million Americans use online dating services in hopes of finding the love of their lives. And it's fine — all that matters is that people find someone who makes them feel happy and appreciated. 

But in the moment of truth, you have to admit that "swiped right" is not the grandiose love story you'd like to tell your kids. With this thought swarming in their heads, two British guys decided it would be interesting to see what happens when you extensively try to meet someone offline. 

And so they did. Filmmaker Samuel Abrahams and his actor buddy Tom Greaves created an amusing short film titled "Offline Dating," which features all the trials and tribulations of trying to find your next date in real life.


Here goes Tom's first attempt. He timidly walks up to her and invites her for a drink. She says "No."

Abrahams says the idea was born a couple of months ago when he and Tom were living together. Tom has been recently single and wanted to get back in the game, so they thought it would be a good opportunity not only for Tom to find someone new, but for Samuel to make a film about it.

"My intention was never to tell a story about a lad trying to pull as many girls as possible. The idea was to highlight how important real human interaction is, even with strangers," he told A Plus.

During the experiment, Greaves approached around 100 women, but the reality was most of them were not very interested or said they're already taken.

At one point, he almost got into a fight for hitting on some other guy's girlfriend.

But the quest wasn't over ...

Eventually, Greaves went on a few dates with girls he met on the streets of London.

Abrahams assures none of the scenes were staged. All the girls Tom had met were total strangers to him. And even though some might say that the act of stopping people on the street and inviting them to have a drink is creepy, both guys received tons of positive feedback.

"People aren't used to being approached like this and so it made Tom, and what he was doing, very intriguing. Some women simply wanted to know more and enjoyed the novelty and spontaneity of it," Abrahams says.

Some of them were awkward and lead nowhere, but others were an instant success.

Watch the full offline dating experiment below.

Now, we know what you're thinking — "Is Tom still seeing that Italian girl he met in the market?" The answer is ... we don't know. But if you really want to find out, tweet him at @mrtomgreaves and hopefully, he'll respond. :)


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