A Disease Took Her Hair, So Here's What This Girl Is Doing To Pay For A Wig

She may have lost her hair, but not her bravery.

Losing your hair can do all types of things to your confidence.


Just ask Samantha, who is living with a disease called Alopecia Areata, which causes hair loss in patches.

Diagnosed in 2007, Alopecia Areata causes total hair loss, like Samantha, in "about 5% of people," according to AAD.org.

So while she once looked like this:

Hey Imgur, remember me?

The disease has caused her hair to fall out and she now looks like this:

She does try to stay positive but, as she wrote in her Imgur post, "It's really easy to get down on yourself when you look in the mirror and don't have any hair. I miss running my fingers through my hair. You never realize what you take for granted until its gone."  

While there are organizations such as the NAAF, paying for wigs can be very pricey. Cheaper wigs simply don't last and begin to fall apart. 


Samantha thought her insurance would cover the nearly $2000 expense for the wig, but that wasn't the case.

Instead, as she further explained, her insurance company told her, "Wigs are something that 'wont be, and will never be covered.'"

So this put the University of Montana Biology student in a bind. 

She didn't have the cash to purchase a wig that would last and her insurance was unwilling to help her out.

Squirrel Tax.

Luckily, this is 2016 and we don't have to rely on big corporations to help. We have each other and the internet.

Samantha decided to set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for the wig she needed in order to restore her confidence.

And guess what happened?

Yup. The internet responded accordingly. 

As of 6PM on Monday, she already has raised $1700 of her $2200 goal.

My real hair.

So if you would like to help Samantha, you can check out her GoFundMe account right here.


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