Here's What 11 Inanimate Objects Are Thinking, Illustrated

These are adorable.

Ever wonder what inanimate objects would say if they could talk? Like, does your hairbrush hate being manhandled through the knots in your hair? Does your laptop enjoy being mashed every few seconds as you Gchat your co-workers? Do spoons even like milk? 

Illustrator Salim Zerrouki put his imagination to work and created some adventures for every day objects. They're both silly and adorable. 

Here are some of our favorites: 


1. Cursor

2. Paper Towel and Toilet Paper

3. Keys

4. Apps

5. Lollipop and Candy Cane

6. Egg

7. Tablet

8. Tampon and Pad

9. More Keys

10. Post-It Note and 3D Glasses

11. Cheese and Sponge

(H/T: ufunk

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