Watch Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Avoid Answering The Internet's Most Searched Questions About Themselves

"Are you Steve Harvey in this equation or am I?"

Wired's video series Celebrities Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions has taught us a lot about some of our favorites stars — and the people on the internet curious about them. If you're unfamiliar with the series, the Wired team uses autocorrect on Google to find the most searched questions about certain actors and actresses. They type in words like "does" "how," and "is," and make a list of the autocorrected answers that follow. They then present these questions to the celebrity to answer in a video. 

In the past, the series has shown us the charming dynamic between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence while simultaneously revealing how Lawrence was discovered and whether Pratt can do a French braid. In another installment, we learned about Samuel L. Jackson's love of anime, the engraving on his purple lightsaber, and why he learned to play guitar. 

But in the series' most recent video, we learn very little other than how hilarious Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are when they're sitting in a room together. Reynolds and Gyllenhaal, who are currently promoting their new sci-fi thriller Life, which comes out this week, answered nearly every question with a humorous response instead of an honest one. 

And it made it the best installment in the series yet. We don't really need to know what Gyllenhaal eats or whether Reynolds knows martial arts anyway. 

Watch their ridiculous responses in the video below:


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