Ryan Gosling Totally Loses It On SNL, Makes Everyone Love Him Even More

"My consciousness was shown what lies beyond time and space."


Ryan Gosling just gave us all another reason to absolutely adore him. 

The Oscar-nominated actor hosted Saturday Night Live last week and, while the whole episode is pretty great, it's the first post-monologue sketch that everyone can't stop talking about. 

Ryan Gosling and SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon play three Americans who experienced "the first verified case of alien abduction." Strong and Gosling had a pretty pleasant experience with the aliens overall. They describe being "wrapped in a robe made of warm glowing energy" and meeting "the furnace of all creation — what we would call God." 

"My consciousness was shown what lies beyond time and space," Gosling says, giggling. "It was so beautiful." The actor excuses his reaction as crying and uses his shirt to cover up his laughter. 

The reason he's falling apart is McKinnon. While the other two captives are describing sunshine and rainbows, her abduction was much, much different. She spent her time with the extraterrestrial being pantless, peeing in a steel bowl, and being watched by the aliens. 

"These fancy cats are seeing God, meanwhile I'm starting phase II which is me sitting on a stool while 40 grey aliens take turns gently batting my knockers," she says. 

It's not just Gosling who can't keep it together. Cast members Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan, who play agents interviewing the abducted, have smiles plastered across their faces as they fight the urge to laugh. McKinnon completely nails the scene and Gosling's laughter is positively infectious. 

Quite frankly, we can't believe the cast held it together as well as they did. 

(H/T: Vanity Fair


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