This Woman And Her Toddler Make Masterpieces Of Art Together

These belong in a gallery.


Toronto-based painter Ruth Oosterman has made her mark on the art world with the help of her 3-year-old, Eve. The two have been collaborating on paintings together since Eve was just a year old, beginning with a watercolor titled The Red Boat that was born out of a marker drawing by Eve. The experience catalyzed a change in Oosterman's art from what she describes on her website as "structured and realistic with the occasional abstract flare" into a "spontaneous, carefree" style embracing possibility in the perspective of a child.

Oosterman describes herself on her YouTube channel as an "artist whose passion for painting spilled over into her personal life, inspiring a series called Collaborations with my Toddler that can now be found around the world."

She now works side by side with Eve in creating incredible new works that she proudly exhibits on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and in her portfolio. 


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