This Is What Happens When You Walk Around Holding Hands With Another Man In Russia

What on earth?!

Just last month millions of people celebrated the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in the US.


But halfway across the globe, people are not yet at a place where they can celebrate equal rights.

So how do people in Russia react to same-sex couples?

These two guys behind ChebuRussia TV, a Russian YouTube channel well-know for its social experiments, decided to find out just that. 

The two walk around the streets of Moscow, Russia, simply holding hands. The reactions of passersby are being captured on a hidden camera.

At first, it's just people giving judgmental looks...

...but then come offensive remarks.

And swear words.

And then violence.

Yep. Actual physical violence towards two guys simply holding hands in public. 

The last time we checked it was 2015. Meaning, such things should not be tolerated by any means.

There's no way this video will leave you at ease.

This is not simply not OK.

While in the US same-sex marriage is finally legal, millions of people around the world still continue their fight for a life without without fear.

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