Russell Westbrook’s Emotional Speech Pays Tribute To The MVPs In His Life And The Power Of Their Sacrifice

"I’m just thankful to have you guys in my corner."

Last night was the inaugural NBA Awards and the big winner, walking away as the MVP of the NBA, was Russell Westbrook. Taking to the stage to accept the trophy, Westbrook — who had a particularly notable season — thanked a slew of folks with a central theme of sacrifice being at the core of his message for each of these people.

Westbrook first thanked the Oklahoma City Thunder organization and all of the behind-the-scenes people who make what he does possible. Then he called up his teammates in attendance — Nick Collison, Taj Gibson, Enes Kanter, Victor Oladipo, and André Roberson — to share the moment with.

"It was obviously an amazing season for me, but without these guys and the rest of our guys that's not here, man, none of this would be possible," Westbrook said, thanking them for their sacrifice. "So this award is not for me. It's for all of these guys, and I'm very, very thankful to have you guys in my corner. You guys are my brothers for life."

Westbrook then turned the attention to family, singling out his parents, his brother, and his wife.

In regard his parents, Westbrook called attention to their support, their sacrifice, and how they worked hard to make life good for he and his brother. Westbrook gave props to his dad, Russell, for working hard to provide for the family while also spending quality time with them, and his mother, Shannon, for keeping everyone together.

"It's just so amazing — I couldn't be able to do none of this without you guys," Westbrook told them. "I can't say thank you enough. There's so many things I can say about you guys, just for putting me here. I'm just thankful to have you guys in my corner. I love you guys."


To his brother, his "road dog," Westbrook highlighted their close bond. He called Raynard a role model, someone even he looks up to, and someone he is so proud of — and not just because he got a master's degree two weeks ago. It's clear these two have a special bond and Westbrook had the perfect story to show that to everyone.

"My brother, man — he texts me every single game at halftime. Every game. Since I've been in the league, he texts me every game at halftime. He don't got to do that, man. He does that because he has a kind heart and he looks out for me. I love you from the bottom of my heart, brother. I promise you."

Then came Westbrook's wife, Nina, whom he says he's known was special to him since meeting her at UCLA back in 2007. He said she makes him go, holds him down, keeps him in check, and makes sure he's on the right track no matter what. Again, it was her sacrifice that Westbrook called out.

"You've blessed me with a beautiful son that I'm so thankful for. You continue to make me go," Westbrook said. "Every time I come home, regardless of good or bad game, every time I see your face, your smile, it does nothing but brighten me up, and I just want to say that I love you."

If this speech doesn't make you want to hug your loved ones tighter, we don't know what will.

Watch Westbrook's entire speech here:

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