This Dance Is Like, OMG, What Is Even Happening?? It's So Freaking Cool!

Like a human kaleidoscope.

OK, the dance you are about to see is indescribably cool, so get ready. Seriously, it's really hard to put into words just how amazing this performance by New Zealand-based dance crew The Royal Family is. 

They basically look like a human kaleidoscope.

The video of their performance posted on YouTube Aug 10 is from the World Hip Hop International 2015 finals competition held in San Diego, and it's truly jaw-dropping. The 24 person team moves in such perfect synchronicity, it's hard to believe they aren't a straight-up machine. 


The team is part of The Palace, a dance studio that teaches hip hop and hosts "some of the leading choreographers in New Zealand," according to The Palace's website. 

Check out The Royals' performance below and prepare to be amazed:

The team won the silver medal at the competition this year, which means, yes, there was one team EVEN BETTER than them. This doesn't seem possible, but check out gold medalist crew Korea's Lock n Lol to judge for yourself. 

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