Actress Rowan Blanchard Explains Why Fashion, Activism, And The Selfie Are So Important For Women

"Never define your style. Be whatever you want."

"I [kind of] feel strongly about everything," actress Rowan Blanchard says. "Especially anything that relates to girlhood and being a girl."

Last year, the brilliant Blanchard, star of Disney's Girl Meets World, perfectly explained "white feminism" in three incredible Instagram posts.

Now, in a new video for Vanity Fair, Blanchard discusses fashion, activism through social media, and the power of the selfie — yes, the selfie — in eye-opening ways people everywhere need to hear.

Moreover, the lighthearted video is easily digestible — it focuses both on Blanchard's words and her Los Angeles lifestyle, hopping from book shops and art museums.

Still, it is important to note some of these killer takeaway points:


On fashion:

Blanchard explains that what she loves most about fashion is the ability for a person to use it to transform into new identities. 

"I can use it as a tool to explore," she says. "Never define your style. Be whatever you want."

On social media and activism:

In January, Blanchard wrote "Sorry, Not Sorry: How I quite apologizing for existing," for Rookie magazine, in which she outlines three things that have taught her to trust herself, rather than say sorry for herself.

"I wrote that article to talk about how you can allow yourself to take up space and allow yourself to make mistakes and not feel like you have to censor yourself," she tells Vanity Fair. 

Additionally, Blanchard says social media is a tool to discover people different from yourself and to actually listen to them.

Perhaps it's a practice we should all consider next time we're using our smartphones. 

On selfies:

Selfies can get a bad rap, but Blanchard makes a very interesting point about women and the art of the selfie. 

"[A woman's image] has always been painted by men, or for men," she begins. "So when you see a girl take a selfie in public and she's literally in control of how she wants to look and how she wants to be portrayed — there's so much power in that."

So go ahead ladies, do your thing.

For more wise words, be sure to watch Blanchard's full video below:


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