Girl Fights Back After School Shames Her For Wearing Leggings

If you don't stand up for yourself, who will?

A girl by the name of Rose Lynn took to Facebook when her school in Oklahoma sent her home to change her outfit, which consisted of leggings, a cardigan, and a white T-shirt.

The reason it deemed her outfit unfit for school?


It was distracting to the boys.

If that sounds like a reasonable excuse, ask yourself how many times you heard of a boy being sent home for wearing a tight shirt or jeans. The answer is probably never, unless it said something offensive on it.

Instead of advocating her rights to freely wear what she chooses as a woman, the school took the stance that boys would become distracted. 

As Lynn said, the school should be, "teaching young men to respect the boundaries of young ladies."

Her mother, Misti Evans, stood behind her daughter and questioned the school about their reasoning. She told Today, "She wasn't doing anything wrong ... The only thing the school could tell me is that my daughter was mocking them. All of the girls are wearing these clothes ... Everything on her was covered." 

Her mom also added, "Why are they sending her home and causing her to miss class? What kind of message does that send?"

As Jordi Lippe-McGraw further reported in Today, Lynn is not the only girl to face this kind of dilemma in today's society. She said, "In Tennessee, more than 40 female students were taken out of their classes for wearing leggings, leading to the creation of the hashtag #FreetheLeggings and a petition to have the school change its policy."

It's an ongoing situation, but with girls fighting back and various outlets coming to their defense, hopefully this will end.

Lynn said in her post, "So today I was sent home from class, after being in school for two hours, for my outfit. Because I'm developed farther than the average girl my age, I am required to go home and change. Yet, if I was skin and bones or over weight, (not to offend anyone) I would be over looked and no comment would be made, (AT MY PARTICULAR SCHOOL.) Because "they must do that to feel better about themselves and they crave attention" But because I look like a CURVY woman and may distract young boys, I have to miss class and change my outfit. So once again, Society has failed to advocate young ladies, by confining them in a box, where they are stripped from their sense of self respect and self expression, rather than teaching young men to respect the boundaries of young ladies. My response : ‪#‎Feminism‬ ‪#‎YoullDistractTheBoys‬‪#‎SocietyIsFailing‬."


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