4 Italian Cops' Act Of Kindness Following A Call To Their Emergency Line Is Going Viral

Sometimes all you need is some pasta.

In the wake of the recent trend of cops handing out food to civilians, four police officers in Rome channeled their inner chefs when they cooked a pasta meal for a lonely elderly couple last week.

94-year-old Michele lives with his wife of 70 years, Jole, in the Appio section of Rome. Last week, while watching a slew of tragic news reports, Michele began crying. Although the neighbors were away on vacation, the noise prompted an unnamed person to call the police.

Four Rome cops — Andrea, Alessandro, Ernesto and Mirko — responded to the call and rushed over to the flat. When they arrived, the cops quickly realized that there had been no crime — only a very human response to tragedy.

"Sometimes the loneliness melts into tears," the Rome police wrote on their Facebook page, according to a translation by the social platform. "Sometimes it's like a summer storm. It comes suddenly and overtakes one."

The cops also noticed that the elderly couple only had a few grapes on their table for dinner. After ambulance workers checked to make sure that Michele and Jole were healthy, the cops decided to give this lonely couple the gift of a home-cooked meal.

"A bowl of pasta with butter and cheese. Nothing special," the Rome police wrote on their Facebook page. They added that it came with a special ingredient: an extra dose of humanity.


Photos of the cops entertaining and cooking for the couple went viral. The post has received over 65,000 likes as of August 8.

"Thank you for [creating] a little hope for the rest of the world," one Facebook user commented.

"So nice to read a positive story about police," another user wrote. "We need more love and concern for others in our world."

A Plus reached out to the Rome police for a comment.

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