5 Romantic Surprises For Him That Show How Much You Care

These small gestures will remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Romance doesn't always come easy; the important elements of any relationship often require lots of continuous effort. That's why, when it comes to conjuring up romantic surprises for him, one must always keep the individual in mind above all else. Whether you're looking for long distance romantic surprises for him, or romantic anniversary surprises for him that celebrate your longevity, it's best to tailor the surprise to fit your partner's personality. In fact, some of the best ideas are simple romantic surprises for him at home. No matter your situation, however, these five romantic surprises for him for no reason will give you the necessary inspiration to create your own special moment for the one you love.


1. Slip a love note into his wallet before he heads to work.

Small surprises can often leave the greatest impact, and there's nothing quite like a classic love note to make him smile in the middle of the day. Whether you sneak it into his jacket pocket, or you slip it into his wallet, when he finally finds the mysterious paper and reads your handwritten words, he won't be able to stop smiling.

2. Give him an experience instead of an actual gift.

Thoughtful gifts are sure to delight your S.O., but instead of buying him that t-shirt that was practically made for him, surprise him with an experience that you can enjoy together. Whether it's something crazy, like skydiving, or more basic, like a candlelight dinner, the time together will strengthen your already unbreakable bond.

3. Make plans to do something you'd normally oppose.

Even the most compatible couples can't be in sync all the time. We all have our own likes and dislikes that we refuse to shake, no matter how much our S.O. enjoys said activity. That's why, when you surprise him with tickets to a ballgame or concert he's been dying to attend, he'll know that you really love him because you're willing to compromise.

4. Send him an unexpected care package when he's sick.

Whether you're too far away to nurse him as he recovers from a stomach bug, or you want to stay far away so you don't catch his sniffles, a care package is an ideal way to show him how much you love him when he's feeling like garbage. Send him some hot soup and silly movies that'll warm him both literally and figuratively on his road to recovery.

5. Offer compliments when life hands him lemons.

Some days are better than others, so when life hands him metaphorical lemons, help him make metaphorical lemonade by boosting his confidence. While it might not seem like much, an unexpected compliment can do plenty to brighten his mood and remind him that you'll always be in his corner no matter how tough things might get.

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