5 Romantic Surprises For Her That'll Prove She's The One For You

Embracing the basics will show her you're still the gentleman with whom she fell in love.

While it's customary to spoil your special someone during the early stages of your relationship, few recognize that it's equally as important to keep things fresh and exciting as the relationship matures. In fact, the more romantic surprises for her, the better, as there's never any harm in reminding your lady how much you love her. Whether you're looking for romantic surprises for her at home, or romantic surprises for her for no reason, the following suggestions will teach you how to surprise your girlfriend by embracing classic methods that have withstood the test of time. Here are five ways to surprise your girlfriend that are sure to prove she's the one for you.


1. Send her flowers at work for no reason at all.

While most people opt to send their S.O. flowers on birthdays or anniversaries, you know that you two don't need a special occasion to celebrate your love. She might not be the kind to flaunt your love in public, but this unexpected delivery will surely make her smile every time she catches a whiff of those luscious blooms as they fill the office with the scent of your gesture.

2. Write her an old-fashioned love letter or two.

Emails are too formal, text messages are too casual, and phone calls are often inconvenient. Yet, while it might seem antiquated, writing an old-fashioned love letter could be the exact type of throwback needed to prove she's worth your time. Modern modes of communication are quick and thoughtless, but writing a letter by hand shows you are eager to keep your love fresh and new.

3. Recreate your first date, but don't make it obvious.

First dates are inherently memorable, even if they don't always go as planned. By subtly recreating your first date, however, she will slowly begin to realize that you're both sentimental and a stickler for details. Don't tell her what you've got planned in advance. Instead, simply surprise her with the experience by allowing the day to unfold naturally. Once she realizes what's going on, she won't be able to hide her joy! 

4. Complete your fair share of the household chores.

While most relationships thrive when household tasks are divided 50/50, there's a good chance you procrastinate your share of the chores like it's your job. However, by taking the initiative to keep up your end of the bargain without incessant reminders, you'll demonstrate how much you appreciate her contributions and that you value her as both a lover and a partner.

5. Plan an unexpected weekend away from the city.

Whether you live in the heart of the city, or in the stereotypical suburbs, everyday life can begin to take its toll. Escape the pressures that come along with your work and social lives by surprising her with an unexpected weekend away from all the commotion. Put your smartphones on "do not disturb" and devote the next 48 hours to reconnecting with your love.

Cover image via Bryan Apen on Unsplash


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