These Surreal Photos Of Roller Coasters Made Our Hearts Race

Would you ride these?

What's the coolest roller coaster you've ridden? Did it have spins that made you feel weightless? Or did it feature drops that made your heart like you a lot less?

Art director Robert Jahns appreciates a good coaster, specifically one that puts anything we've braved to shame. Jahns manipulates photos on Photoshop and iPhone apps like ArtStudio to combine cityscapes with roller coasters and water slides, adding a rather terrifying playfulness to the steel towers that have become the hallmark of urban landscapes.


These photos are different from usual aerial photos, though. By presenting them through the perspective of a roller coaster, we get the feeling that we're strapped in, that the really terrible drop we're about to feel will leave us safe — physically, at least.

We secretly really wish we could go down the waterslide. If you're feeling brave, check out more of his vertigo-inducing images on his Instagram.


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