Rocksy The Raccoon Just Needs Some Food To Feed Her Growing Babies

Excuse me miss! Miss!

Thanks to the internet, our views on raccoons have changed drastically over the years.


Once seen mostly as pests and not pets, a number of viral moments have actually shown that raccoons can be quite cute, funny and harmless.

Whether they are pretending to play the harp...

Or being a hilarious little thief...

We can't help but laugh.

This next one you are about to meet, will continue to change your mind about these little fellas.

Cleverly named Rocksy by the woman in the video, this raccoon is just looking for some food because she is pregnant.

As the woman explains, Rocksy has been coming to her door for quite some time and has learned to knock on it with a rock whenever the food bowl runs low on food.

Just look at that face! How could you not help her and little babies?

The woman also made the point that raccoons get a bad reputation because people think they all have rabies.

While we don't advise petting a wild raccoon, points out that during one of the worst rabies outbreaks, in Connecticut in 1993, people stood a "far greater risk of dying from a lightning strike or food poisoning than from rabies." 

They also said that the Center for Disease Control reported, "not a single human death has resulted from exposure to a rabid raccoon." The article also mentions that as long as rabies is treated quickly, the shots are 100% effective against the disease.

So, please, don't panic and take in all the cuteness this mom has to offer.

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