This Is The Most Human Thing A Robot Has Ever Done, And It's Terrifying

They keep getting more and more like us.

It seems with every passing day, robots get more and more like us.

We've seen robot dogs, robots inspired by bats, robots with human balance, robots that can ski, and now, a bicycle riding bot for the ages.

This video, which was released in 2011, shows one of robot creator Masahiko Yamaguchi's most complex creations: RoboBiker. Impressive as it is on its own, it's even more mind-boggling when you consider the programming it takes to create something that can balance, pedal and steer all while on a foreign object. The robot even looks human when it rides. 

"I'm interested in artificial intelligence, and in that context, I think intelligence and skills have equal value," Yamaguchi says. "My purpose in creating this robot was to pursue intelligence from the skills side."

And it certainly seems like Yamaguchi achieved his goal.


Check out the amazing clip below:


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