Robert Pattinson Is On A Mission To Find A Hot Dog. It May Be Stressful, But It's Worth It.

"A New York hot dog, the kind that makes you fall in love."

Robert Pattinson is on a mission to find a hot dog — and doggone it, he's gonna get it. 

"A New York hot dog, the kind that makes you fall in love," Pattinson says in a new hilarious, dramatic short film to coincide with his September GQ cover story. In the video, Pattinson sits in a New York City apartment facing a moment of extreme hunger when he sees a stranger walking down the street, eating a hot dog (as one does).

So, naturally, he heads into the city streets incognito, keeping his sunnies and baseball cap on as he looks for the man with the hot dog. 

"Just put out your hand, just put out your hand like a normal person," he thinks to himself, trying to hail a cab in a state of panic. "Like a real New Yorker."

Finally, in a moment of pure bliss and glory, Pattinson finds a hot dog. 

"I've done it ... I've found it for myself ... I knew I was just a normal human being," he says. 

The brilliant short film is not only a piece of pure entertainment, but it reminds us just why we love Pattinson so much. 


In an article for GQ, interviewer Taffy Brodesser-Akner talks about meeting Pattinson and his new movie, Good Time, his first role in years.

"It is a locomotive that will grab you by the chest hairs near your clavicle for 100 minutes; Pattinson classifies it as the 'panic genre.' He plays a desperate low-level con artist in Queens trying to protect his little brother after a bank robbery gone wrong. Without giving too much away, let's just say it's intoxicating to watch someone never slow down over the course of 24 hours and not once in that time make a good decision," Brodesser-Akner writes. We get a taste of such energy in the hot dog film, too.

Brodesser-Akner also talks about trying to come up with a stunt to coincide with this particular cover story. She and Pattinson develop a slew of ideas, but none of them seem to stick. 

"As we continue to discuss ideas for our big something, I bat away my thought about what these ideas also have in common, which is that they all render me incapacitated, unable to ask him any questions, and him unable to answer any. We'd be in different rooms, or on a hallucinogen, or in the belly of a shark, or in surgery, for Chrissake. But no, it couldn't be that. It has to be this: That after years of playing dead, Rob Pattinson feels alive again. Yes, that has to be it."

Needless to say, we're ready to see all that Pattinson has in store. Check out his video with GQ above.

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