Robert Irwin Introduces Jimmy Fallon To A Few Baby Animals — And One Very Old One

The baby kangaroo is too cute.

Robert Irwin, the 13-year-old son of the late nature expert Steve Irwin, returned to The Tonight Show on Wednesday night to share even more animals with host Jimmy Fallon. He was just as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as ever, and his guests were particularly adorable.

After telling Fallon he plans to name a crocodile after him, Robert introduces the host to Joe, a North American badger who's only a month old. "In Africa, the honey badger has been known to back down lions. They have no fear at all," Robert says, which doesn't exactly put Fallon at ease.

The next creature is less furry, but still pretty cute — a two-year-old alligator snapping turtle. Fallon gets worried when Robert tells him not to get near the turtle's mouth when holding it. So imagine his reaction when he sees a much older turtle — 100 years old, to be specific. Fallon jokes that they have the same open-mouthed expression.

But the cutest moment of all is when the two of them feed a baby kangaroo named Hazel. "They can jump 30 feet in one single leap," Robert shares of the red kangaroo, the largest kangaroo species.


See all the animals (including a few baby warthogs) in the video below:


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