Steve Irwin's Son Robert Introduces Jimmy Fallon To Some Amazing Animals

"You are the sloth whisperer."

Jimmy Fallon welcomed a very special guest to The Tonight Show on Thursday. Robert Irwin, the 13-year-old son of the late nature expert Steve Irwin, introduced the host to a few fascinating creatures ranging from slithery to cuddly. Jimmy was nervous to meet some of them, but he faced his fears and learned a thing or two along the way.

Robert speaks with such enthusiasm about his animal friends that it's clear how much he takes after his father, who appeared on The Tonight Show himself several years ago. "This is so cool to see you like this," Jimmy remarks. "You're your dad. Like, you're so excited."

Robert says his love for wildlife is "in my blood," and he calls himself "the luckiest kid on planet Earth" to have grown up at the Australia Zoo. His unique upbringing has obviously taught him a lot, as he speaks about everything from a dwarf crocodile to a red-tail boa constrictor with a wisdom beyond his years.

Jimmy isn't exactly at ease with a snake wrapped around his arm, so Robert brings out some furrier guests — a baby sloth named Valentino and a 25-pound sloth named Serenity, who hangs onto Jimmy like she would a tree. Robert even gives the host a new nickname.


See all the animals for yourself in the video below:

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