He's 'Worried' That Women Will See Him As Creepy, But That's Nothing Compared To What Women Worry About

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Robbie Sherrard has a problem.

The stand-up comedian is "worried" that with every move he makes, he is being perceived as creepy. Growing out his mustache? Creepy. Buying shovels and rope at a Lowe's? Creepy. Taking selfies in the dark? Creepy. 

"People keep telling me that I look creepy, or that I look like I molested someone," he confesses in the (probably tongue-in-cheek) video above. "Nobody seems to be talking about how difficult it is for men to not seem like creeps."

Sherrard has a reputation for delivering soundbites that almost seem as if they could be taken seriously, but probably shouldn't be. His video comes off as a brilliant parody of the idea that the threat of "being creepy" is of the utmost concern, when by being alert, women are only doing the best they can to protect themselves. 

Sexual assault is frighteningly common, and one in five American women will experience it in their lifetimes. Being nervous about growing out your mustache pales in comparison to the actual, lived reality of being physically harmed.

"I just want to start a convo, get a dialogue going about it," Sherrard says. "I don't have a solution... I almost never do."

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of a sexual assault, you can get help: call 1-800-656-4673 or go to the RAINN website.


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