You Won't Believe It Even When You See It: Dirt Bike Pro Catches A Wave

How is this even possible?

Robbie Maddison is a self-proclaimed "motorcycle guy," but after spending enough time with his wife, a professional wakeboarder, the idea finally hit him.

"I was on the back of a boat and we were cruising along the river," Maddison told Surfer Mag. "I'm looking at the wake coming up the back, watching her wakeboard, and something clicked in my head."

That "something" was an idea so preposterous, so absurd, that most people would have laughed at it and let it go. But Maddison isn't most people, and soon enough the concept for a motorcycle-on-water-skis was becoming more and more of a reality.  


And then, it happened:

As Maddison told the magazine, simply getting the bike to work in water wasn't enough: he had to catch a wave. But riding the wave was only possible because of the 26 years he's spent as a surfer, long before he was a daredevil on a dirt bike. 

"If I wasn't a surfer growing up there's no way I would have ever even imagined this," he told Surfer Mag. "Not to mention have had the knowledge of how to read the wave."

After nearly two years of toying with the concept, Maddison — an Australian — took off to to Tahiti and met up with surfing legend Raimana Van Bastolaer, who helped get the vision off the ground. 

But things weren't as easy as they looked.

Despite the seamlessness of the ride, which you'll see in the video on the next page, Maddison insisted that there was nothing typical about this ride. In fact, the stunt devil, who has backflipped the Tower Bridge in London and worked as Daniel Craig's stunt double in James Bond, said this ride accounted for some of the scariest moments in his life.

"I honestly thought that might be the end of my life," he said. "I've never felt like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time more than I did right there. It was a near-death experience."

Check out how it all went down below:


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