When Three Criminals Attempted To Rob This Gas Station, They Got The Surprise Of Their Lives.

An epic beat-down followed.

Mayura Dissanayake was working at a gas station in south Houston, Texas when he noticed a co-worker returning from a bank run being robbed by three men who had been lying in wait.

What these three men didn't know is that Dissanayake is a world champion MMA fighter from Sri Lanka who trains five days a week. He has, to put it mildly, a talent for controlled violence.

The resulting ass-kicking, caught on video, is truly epic: Dissanayake is fast, accurate, and balanced, and his absolute commitment to the defense of his colleague is evident in his speedy response. Watch for yourself.

The remaining robbery suspect, kicked into submission by Dissanayake, was arrested and charged. It is unknown at this time if his two friends, who were kind enough to abandon him in their haste to get away with their teeth intact, have been picked up yet.

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Video: KPRC News. Story via Death And Taxes.


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