Teen Who Was Kicked Out Of Her Prom For Wearing A Tux Gets An Unexpectedly 'Sunny' Surprise

A kickass silver lining.

Like any other high school student, Aniya Wolf was looking forward to dressing up and being with her friends at the biggest school event of the year. But in a baffling decision on her school administration's part, Wolf, who is gay, was kicked out of her Harrisburg prom for showing up in a tuxedo and not a dress. 

The incident was reported by local news station ABC27, and the news quickly spread across the area. It serendipitously caught the eye of Rob McElhenney, actor and co-creator of FX's quirky hit comedy series It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

McElhenney, who plays Mac on the show, then did something quite unexpected. He reached out to Wolf via Twitter to invite her and her tux on It's Always Sunny. "Aniya, I love your suit," he wrote. "Would u like to wear it on Sunny?"


According to ABC27, authorities at Bishop McDevitt High School had tweaked the dress code at the very last minute, stating in an email that girls were required to wear dresses. 

Wolf's mom called the school in protest, and Wolf decided to go anyway to try her luck. She was forcibly removed before she even entered the premises by a school official, who also threatened to call the police.

Don't you love it when celebrities use their power for good? 

A Plus has reached out to Aniya Wolf and the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia press team for comment. 


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