Rob Lowe Delivers A Beautiful Video Message To Fan Suffering From Cancer

"There's so much more to be had."

Alex Charpentier has always wanted to meet Rob Lowe. So much so, in fact, that it's on her bucket list.

But Charpentier, 48, has Stage 4 lung cancer, and she's been battling it from her hospice bed in Austin, Texas, according to People. So her best friend, Chris Carter, decided he would write to Lowe, explaining Charpentier's situation and her fandom.

"It's been a thing for more than three decades," says Carter. "She's one of my very best friends, so I set out to make it happen. I wrote an email from the heart about her and what she was fighting."

On Tuesday, Lowe responded with a beautiful video message, hoping to offer Charpentier with some inspiration.

And that he did.

"Yep! It's me, it's Rob. How're you, Alex? Word has gotten back to me that you've been a longtime supporter of mine and I cannot tell you what that means to me," Lowe says in the video. "I'm sending prayers for you and thinking of you ... I know you're in a really tough fight. And you know what, you're a fighter. And I want to pat you on the back for that and hopefully give you some inspiration. There's so much more to be had."


"I’ve got more stuff I’m doing! [You've] gotta be around to see it, so let's do this thing. All my love. I’m thinking about you.”

Charpentier then responded to Lowe's video with a video of her own

"You have been a staple in my life," Charpentier says, adding that she doesn't have much time life. "To know you took the time to call me … when my friends showed the video to my kids, they cried because they know how much this means to me," she says.

"You are authentic, and I'm authentic," she adds. "I'm literally in my bed, and I have difficulty speaking and breathing, but I just want you to know from my heart how much this means to me, and how this will stay in my family. And I wish you and your family all the best also. And I will cherish this. Thank you so much, Rob. Peace."

We love seeing celebrities support those fans who need them the most. For example, in 2014, Taylor Swift visited a fan with leukemia, singing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" with him in the hospital. And in 2016, Ed Sheeran surprised Melody Driscoll, a 9-year-old battling a rare neurological disorder called Rett syndrome, in the hospital, too.

Now, we hope Lowe's message continues to make Charpentier smile! Check it out in full above. 


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