This Guy Makes Incredible Portraits Out Of Salt And It's Seriously Impressive


Most people don't look at their table salt and see a way to create their next best portrait, but Rob Ferrel isn't most people. 

Ferrel finds ways to use unlikely mediums to make art, from pizza to wood stains to the dust found on dirty car windows that desperately need a wash. 

He even uses haircuts as a way to show off his artistic abilities. 

Perhaps his coolest artwork, though, comes from table salt. Ferrel transforms the stuff into portraits of famous men using paint brushes and cards. It's seriously impressive. Check out some of our favorites below:

1. Michael Jackson

2. Mount Rushmore

3. John Lennon

4. Stephen Curry

5. Bob Marley

6. Norman Reedus

7. Snoop Dogg

8. Matthew Dellavedova

9. Salvador Dali

10. Biggie

11. Gabriel Iglesias


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