Yes, That Is A Man Roasting Marshmallows On A Freaking Volcano


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And if you can, consider kicking it up a notch and toasting your snack food over a bubbling volcano instead, because you are just that boss.

New Zealander Simon Turner is a man who apparently likes to mix in some adrenaline with his sugar highs. Pal Bradley Ambrose filmed him roasting marshallows and having a beer in flip fops while he descends down into the Marcum Crater in Ambrym, Vanuatu. You know, that giant crater filled with molten hot, spewing lava?

Turner used a "spare tent peg," according to Caters TV , who uploaded the video. Check it out for yourself.

(H/T: The Awesomer )

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