Rihanna Educates Us In More Ways Than One About The Barbados Crop Over Festival

Just gonna keep refreshing her IG page for a while...

Rihanna has officially taken over her home country of Barbados and the slayage is on extreme levels at the moment.


The 27-year-old beauty ventured back to her home island for the annual Crop Over Festival. This is a festival that dates back to the late 1780s when Barbados was one of the top producers of sugar cane.

Barbadians used this time to celebrate the end of the grow season and awarded the top farmers in the country. However, according to Barbados.org, as sugar cane production declined, so did the popularity of the annual festival.

Sadly, it was put to an end in the 1940s, but fortunately for Rihanna and Instagram users everywhere, the festival was brought back to full force in the 1970s, infusing other elements of Barbadian culture and fashion. 

There is an exotic-sounding award called the "Grand Kadooment", which goes to the best designer of the festival. Whoever designed Rihanna's costume will most likely be in strong contention for this one.

It doesn't seem as though there are any awards for best twerker, but we would definitely give it to Ri Ri after seeing how she held it down.

Aside from best designer, awards are also handed out to partygoers.

One of the main events, called Calypso, hands out prize titles like, Party Monarch, Sweet Soca Monarch, Road March Monarch and Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch. There is also a lot of in-depth history displayed throughout the festival, highlighting the local culture and history.

As one of the island's top exports, Rihanna is a marquee name at this extraordinary celebration. Her outfit, to put it bluntly, is #OnFleek.

She also took some time out from partying to be an "Aunty" as she put it on her Instagram.

But soon it was right back to the festivities because, honestly, what is a festival with out some good ol' twerking? We definitely don't know and don't want to find out.

Here's to you Ri Ri, for educating us on all aspects of your amazing culture. Time to book some tickets and hotels for next year.


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