19-Year-Old Restaurant Server Receives A $1,000 Tip From Stranger, Can't Believe It's Real

Something you don't see every day.

There's one thing that all service industry workers will agree upon — the answer to how successful your day was doesn't lie in the number of customers you served or the amount of friendly pats on the back. Rather it can be pretty easily defined by the bundle of dollars in the tip jar.

Now try to imagine the face of a restaurant waiter who just received a $1,000 tip for a $20 bill.

Actually, don't bother. We've got the perfect example right here.


Meet Brendan Motill from Frankfort, Ill. Brendan, 19, recently started working as a server at a local barbecue joint and his experience couldn't be better.

About a month ago on a fairly slow day Motill was serving one of his customers when the unthinkable happened — the man left him a $1,000 tip on a $20.31 bill.

via Patch.com

According to Patch.com, Motill spent about 10 minutes chatting with the mysterious customer about his recent move to the area, life, taxes and whatnot. 

After the man was done with his meal, he handed Brendan a credit card and jokingly said, "I hope it goes through."

Motill says he was in shock after seeing the check. But that wasn't it!

The man also left Brendan an inspiring 'thank you' note.

via Patch.com

The note reads:


Thanks for your kind service! You're doing a great job as a server. I don't know what your hopes and dreams are in this life, but I hope this tip helps.

My hope is that people were more peaceful to each other. The world can be so negative, I commit random acts of kindness to let others know there can be another way.

Peace be with you brother!"

Motill told ABC 7 News that he intends to use the money for college and wishes to pursue a career in accounting. As for the anonymous customer ...

The signature on the bill says Tips For Jesus and links back to the mysterious diner already famous for his generosity. San Francisco magazine claims that as of last year, the anonymous tipper has left around $130,000 in gratuities across Mexico and the U.S.

Some of these life-changing acts of kindness are featured in Tips For Jesus's Instagram account.

Check out some of the happy faces below and remember to show some love for your server next time you dine out.


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