Cheeky Children's Menu Helps Parents Choose Dishes For Kids Who Say 'I Don't Know' Or 'I Don't Care'

Can we get an "I'm not hungry" with a side of "what?" please.

Some restaurants work hard to appeal to kids, but this one has their minds on the parents of picky eaters instead. Or rather, the parents of kids who respond with "I don't know," "I don't care," or "I'm not hungry" instead of just picking something off the menu. 

Fager's Island, a steak and seafood restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, has created a children's menu perfect for these responses. Just like a deli we discovered last year, they've used common responses from kids who don't know what they want as the titles of their kid-friendly dishes. 


Most parents have been in the position where they're forced to choose what their kid eats while dining out, but this menu helps to take out the guesswork. An "I don't care" response from a kid corresponds to a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich on the menu, an "I'm not hungry" is a basket of chicken tenders, and a simple "what?" is a classic cheese quesadilla. 

Redditor IWishItWouldSnow recently shared a photo of the menu on the social media platform, where people were amused by the solution and intrigued by the triple PB&J option. 

"The "I'm not hungry" is the most expensive one," one Redditor replied. 

"Because 'I'm not hungry' really means 'I'm not hungry until I see the food on the table, and then I'll eat half of your meal.' My niece is two," another user replied. "This is her typical MO. Then ... she eats your whole plate of raviolis." 

Well, here's to hoping this works out for a few hungry kiddos. 


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