This Simple Life Hack Will Show You How To Properly Close A Bag Of Chips

It's time to ditch the chip clip.

You would think by now someone would have invented a resealable bag for chips, but the only thing we have to keep our favorite snack crisp is a chip clip. And let's face it — the only thing those clips do is hold the top of the bag down. 

Taras Kul, also known as the Crazy Russian Hacker, has an extremely simple hack that will have you throwing out all of your chip clips and wondering why you've only heard of this now. 

The best part of this hack, which also can be used for sealing bags of pasta and other items packaged in a similar way, is that it only requires three items and you probably already have them in your house.


Check how to reseal a plastic bag in the video below:

It's the silly little life hacks like these that make every day tasks slightly less of a hassle.

Now if only there was a hack to prevent you from eating a whole bag of chips in one sitting so that you could actually try out this trick. 

(H/T: Mashable)


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