A Family Adopted An Abused Dog For Their Son With Autism, They Had No Idea Their Lives Would Be Changed

A powerful story of love.

An amazing video by the ASPCA tells the story of a family who made a difference in a dog's life and had the favor returned a thousand times.

Grant and Linda Hickey's young son Jonny was diagnosed with autism. However, it was not a doctor that would change their lives: it was an abused dog named Xena in the care of the ASPCA. When Mrs. Hickey saw a news report on the badly emaciated pup, she began following the dog's progress on the shelter's Facebook page. Out of thousands of applications, the Hickeys were lucky enough to take Xena home. As soon as they did, they noticed profound changes in their son, who, in subsequent videos, is doing great.

Please keep up with the Hickeys on their YouTube channel and on Facebook.

For more information on autism, please visit autismspeaks.com.

H/T: Viral Nova.

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