A 24/7 ATM-Like Machine Lets Indian Women Report Rape And Abuse Anonymously

Women shouldn't be denied their right to speak up.

According to a 13-year study by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, more than 57 rape cases were reported everyday. The analysis found that Indian women are raped every 30 minutes.

Lopamudra Baxipatra, chairperson of the State Women's Commission, told the Sydney Morning Herald that women dread going to all-male police stations because officers often assault and even threaten women for reporting crime.

As a result of the immanent danger police officers present women, Odisha police officer Joydeep Nayak invented an ATM-like machine called the Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk, or iClik. The device allows users to file a complaint without having to step foot into a police station. iClik issues a slip that allows users to track the investigation of their report.

Manju Mitra uses the iClik machine to report her husband for beating her and demanding more dowry.

Amrit Dhillon/Sydney Morning Herald

First iClik kiosk has been installed at the Bank of Baroda in Bhubaneswar. It"s operational round the clock and is already used by 8 to 10 women everyday, Sydney Morning Herald reports. If the pilot succeeds, iClik machines will be installed in public places all over India.

iClik lets women easily select what kind of crime they want to report.


Complaints can be logged via touchscreen keyboard; voice recording; and by scanning a printed or written document.


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