This Reporter Helped Rescue Two Dolphins Washed Ashore By Hurricane Irma On Live TV

"Come on, buddy! You can do it!"

During Hurricane Harvey last month, we witnessed several stories of teleivision reporters who turned into heroes, rescuing people from their cars and flooded homes. We've seen it again this week as Hurricane Irma hit Florida. For NBC reporter Kerry Sanders, the focus of his impromptu rescue efforts was two dolphins on Marco Island.

First, Sanders assisted in returning a baby dolphin to the ocean after the storm surge — which reportedly brought in four to five feet of water — washed it ashore. According to Today, a man found the dolphin on a sidewalk and carried it to the beach. "That's where we saw him. He had wrapped it in a blanket and then we stumbled upon him," Sanders said.

The men's efforts to help the dolphin were broadcast on Today and MSNBC on Monday. They held it in the shallow water to allow it to "catch its strength" for about 10 to 15 minutes, then carried it out further, where it struggled for a bit against the waves.

"Come on, buddy! You can do it!" Sanders encouraged the dolphin as it tried to swim. "I see him trying. He really wants to make it out there."

Sanders said he had been on the phone with the local dolphin-stranding network for advice, and later confirmed to MSNBC that the baby dolphin had made it "back in the Gulf of Mexico." And so had yet another stranded dolphin, once again thanks, in part, to Sanders' efforts. 

This dolphin was an adult, and it took several people to carry the creature from the beach into the water, where they allowed it rest before some of the group went out further to successfully return it to the ocean. During the broadcast, Sanders said he intended to walk the beach looking for other dolphins who may have been in need of help.

Today reports that Sanders has covered more than 60 hurricanes and over a dozen dolphin stories (including rescues), so he has experience in these sorts of situations. In fact, he even calls himself a "dolphin groupie."

However, he stopped short of calling himself a hero, saying, "I'm not sure hero is the right word. It was the one good moment people could have amid all the devastation because we actually saw something that could continue life here."

As Mashable points out, this wasn't the only Marco Island dolphin rescue to occur on live TV. Fox 4 reporter Tony Russell joined a group of people in lifting a dolphin and carrying it into the water, where it eventually swam away.

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