Women React To Trump Supporters' Twitter Request By Vowing To Vote

Women will save this election.

A trending hashtag on Twitter created by Donald Trump supporters on Wednesday took a swipe at women voters. But it was the women of Twitter who took over the hashtag with empowering messages, and thus had the last laugh.

It all began when FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver projected that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump in a landslide for the White House. Recent polling suggests that Clinton is leading Trump among female voters, 61 percent to 28 percent.

On Twitter, Silver posted his projection with one additional observation: if only men voted, the victory would be Trump's, not Clinton's.

This prompted Trump supporters on Twitter to suggest that if women did not have the right to vote, then a Trump presidency would follow. They initiated the hashtag #RepealThe19th, a reference to the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote over 96 years ago. 

Once the hashtag began trending, both men and women took to the social platform to speak out against it. They eventually gained so much support that they took control of the trending topic.

And, in a move sure to make the suffragettes who came before them proud, many women used the hashtag as an opportunity to rally more women to go to the polls in November.

Instead of repealing an important Constitutional amendment, there seems to be more buzz around passing a new one — the Equal Rights Amendment, which would affirm the Constitution's equal protection of all sexes. Following the recent death of longtime ERA opponent Phyllis Schlafly, activists are now as motivated as ever to ensure that the ERA could become law. And with the possibility of having our first female president, the timing of passing the ERA seems right.

Cover image via Chad Zuber / Shutterstock.com


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