Non-Muslims Are Registering Themselves First On This Website To Fight Islamophobic Policies

"On a basic level, our site will show the outpouring of support from Americans of every faith."

The Trump administration unfurled new travel restrictions on Monday that did away with the most controversial aspects of the initial executive order, and circumvent the backlash set off by its haphazard engineering and execution. But although it exempts Iraq from the list of Muslim-majority nations targeted and replaces the indefinite ban on Syrian refugees with a 120-day freeze, critics are standing their ground. 

"This is a retreat," Omar Jadwat of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) told the New York Times, "but let's be clear — it's just another run at a Muslim ban." The ACLU plans to take the administration to court — again — citing the ban's unconstitutionality

Unfazed by the administration's second go at the travel ban, advocates are pressing on with campaigns to counter the effects of the executive order. Among them is a newly launched website, Register Me First, by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) aimed at challenging the administration's Islamophobic policies. 


Those who sign up on the website will receive email updates about further moves from the White House that CAIR is monitoring, like the potential Muslim registry Trump proposed as a presidential candidate. 

"Our work today is about prevention," Albert Cahn, the legal director at CAIR's New York chapter, said in a press release. "This administration must see that they will pay a high political cost for banning or registering Muslims or any other American faith community."

The term "register me first" initially surfaced on social media as a hashtag following Trump's election, as a show of support and solidarity with Muslims. 

Those who sign up with the website will be able to show their support on Facebook or Twitter alongside the hashtag #RegisterMeFirst, as well as tag their senators in their posts. Supporters can also purchase T-shirts, stickers, and other merchandise to wear as a sign of solidarity. More than 2,500 people have signed up at the time of writing. 

"We want supporters to showcase their solidarity by tweeting, posting, and wearing the message #RegisterMeFirst. Over time, those who register will gain access to a variety of tools that help them showcase their opposition to any Muslim ban or registry," Cahn told A Plus.

"On a basic level, our site will show the outpouring of support from Americans of every faith, who are unwilling to stand silent as the Muslim community is targeted."

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