Women Try Creating Beauty Looks With Household Items In A Mystery Box

"It's a little Oompa Loompa ... That I hear is coming back."

Next time you run out of your bronzer, try ... a powdered orange juice mix? 

In a video for Refinery29, three women, Lauren, Nell, and Ryen, are given a mystery box filled with household products (none of which involve makeup) to see if they can accomplish a full on "going out" look in a pinch.

With products including coconut oil, silver glitter, some powdered juice mixes — and a little imagination — the women actually create some pretty awesome looks that they'd consider wearing in real life. 

For instance, Lauren chooses a dark red punch mix to transform into a lip gloss. Then, she pairs it with a dusting of silver glitter on her cheekbones for a "disco queen look."

"If I had to go out I wouldn't feel that bad. I would own it," Ryen says after mastering her look, complete with an orange lip, coconut-oiled eyelids, and some glitter. 

And honestly, if we could get the recipe for Lauren's red lip, that would be great.

Check out the full video below for more:


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