Reebok's '25,915 Days' Ad Will Inspire You To Actually Do Something With Today

Can't sit around forever.

For many people, an average day consists of sitting a lot. We sit all day at work. We go home and sit down for dinner. We move gracefully over to the couch to sit some more. There, we watch TV until it's time to go lie down in bed and do it all over again the next day. While there's no shame in working hard during the day and relaxing at night, the truth is most of us aren't nearly as active as we should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So it's a good thing athletic apparel companies like Reebok exist to kindly remind you that you'll feel positive about yourself if you get off your ass once in a while.

The company's latest campaign to that end is called "25,915 Days," so named for the average number of days in a human's life. Over 60 seconds, it runs through the life of a woman backwards, Benjamin Button-style, as she literally runs at different points along her 25,915-day path. The message of the ad is clear — as one who pays money for these sorts of things would hope — that we should take advantage of every day available to us. 25,915 days is a lot of 24-hour cycles, but seeing that number written out is a striking reminder that life is finite.

To calculate the number of days you have left to push yourself, head over to Reebok's official site promoting the campaign.

And you can check out the full ad below:

Cover image: Reebok via YouTube


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