What If To Quit Smoking You Could Still Smoke, But Different Kinds Of Cigarettes?

Because quitting cold turkey is not for everyone.

According to the Center for Disease Control And Prevention, cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths/year in the United States. This is more than 800 deaths every single day! However, quitting this habit seems infuriatingly hard.


Based on the CDC data, in a time span between 2001 and 2010, more than 68 percent of current smokers wanted to quit smoking. Around 52 percent had made a quit attempt in the past year but only 6.2 percent successfully did it.

Finding effective methods to deal with nicotine dependence has become the focal point for a number of researches, studies and speculations. One is the attempt by a Taiwanese designer Yi-Wen Tseng. Tseng has created four innovative versions of the cigarette. All of them tackle our dependability on smoking and introduce new coping techniques.

Keeping track

Not all of us are born cold-turkey quitters. Studies show that gradual reduction works just as fine as abrupt quitting. But reducing isn't always easy because we're such good liars, especially to ourselves. Promising to have 2 or 3 cigarettes a day is easy... because no one tracks you.


To resolve this problem of lacking will, Tseng created a new package for cigarettes that has the exact amount of days in the month. Titled Smokaholics' Day, each cigarette butt in this pack is numbered with a day so there's no more self-deception. Instead, strict order. Think of it in the form of an Advent Calendar for adults.


Measuring your luck

Normally, every cigarette is the same. You only face a problem when they're gone. Tseng's idea is to put you on a bit of stress by taking that strut out of you. Designer's creation, cunningly named Smokaholics' Luck, plays with our habit of having a cigarette for a set period of time.


In this case, each cigarette has a filter of a different length, making certain smoke sessions longer and others shorter. You can be methodical and smoke the cigs according to size, or you can take a chance each time.


Cutting on both sides

Borrowing cigarettes is a true smokaholics' routine. There are a myriad of reasons not to go around bumming cigarettes, but if we absolutely fee like doing so, let us use Smokaholics' Sharing cigarettes.


The ingenious shareable cigarette design by Tseng features a perforated paper so the cigarette breaks easily in the middle. This leaves you and your companion with less tobacco, less danger for health.


Finally: shame

Besides complaining about the smoke, non-smokers also fuss about the mess that cigarette butts create. And they are real concerns. The waste seems so tiny that sometimes it just slips out of your hands. But when it happens to millions of people thousands of times per day... you get the idea. In order to tackle the sociocultural side of smoking, Tseng created Smokaholics' Trace.


Each cigarette in this pack is assigned a special number linking back to its owner: You. Using this method, Tseng leverages shame and guilt as the force to change our behavior. The artist poses a rhetorical question: When you throw a cigarette on the road, we can find out who you are. Would you still throw cigarettes wherever you go?


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