This Guy Built An Elaborate Music Device To Teach His Noisy Neighbors A Lesson

It's payback time!

They say what goes around comes around. 

And it really couldn't be more true for the neighbors of Matthew Br, a YouTuber who was so sick of hearing loud music blasting through his walls, he invented a new device that would let him fight back.

"Recently we've had some noisy neighbors next door that had been playing loud music through the walls and I want to show off my device to you that I've come up with to get them back," Matthew explains.

In a nutshell, the device detects recurring loud noises next door and launches a CD player to blast music back at them. Matthew even burned a CD of annoying songs for this purpose, such as Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out."


Watch Matthew's "payback time device" in action in this video below:

Now, while we really appreciate the technical ingenuity of this machine, we have to admit it might not be the best way to feud with your neighbors, even if they are hell sent.

An eye-to-eye talk and a nice request to be more mindful of other tenants can also go a long way. If you lack inspiration, check out these creative notes left by some awesome neighbors.


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