11 People Share An Experience That Truly Shaped Them

No. 9 is so important

Looking back, can you think of any specific instance that helped shape who you are today? Whether it was an interaction with a stranger, a lesson learned from a loved one, or a move you made all on your own, such moments can have the power to influence the way you live your life, even if you only realize it in retrospect.

To get an idea of the types of experiences others have had that have shaped them, one Reddit user asked the community, "What experience has made you into the person you are today?"

Since starting the thread, Reddit users have shared an array of experiences, from growing up with a special needs sibling, to having a good relationship with a grandmother, to living all over the world, to learning to love themselves.. Check out some of our favorite responses below:


1. Growing up with a sibling.

2. Interactions with grandma.

3. Learning from dad.

4. Joining the Navy.

5. Having a child.

6. Falling in love.

7. Moving abroad.

8. Living all over the world.

9. Learning self-love.

10. Going to college

11. Staying true to yourself.

Cover photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash


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