13 People Reveal The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To Them

"So, that makes you a mom to us."

There are moments in life where people surprise us by giving us a genuinely nice compliment. Perhaps it's something about our personality, appearance, work ethic, style, or talent. Whatever it may be, kind words can have the power to change our day for the better, or even positively change our outlook on ourselves.  

These important moments are ones that never cease to make us feel special, so it's nice to reflect on them from time to time. Recently, one Reddit user asked the question: "What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Responses from the online community showed nice things can come from the most unexpected people — even "a VERY crotchety 90-year-old lady" or an ex while breaking up.. 

Check out some of our favorite responses below and then take some time to think about those moments that made you the most happy — perhaps they'll give you that extra spark you need today. 


1. "I always feel better when you're here."

2. "And many more to you."

3. "If [it] weren't for you, I never would have made it as a teacher."

4. "The only thing worse than this would be not having you in my life at all."

5. "So, that makes you a mom to us."

6. "We're proud of you."

7. "I do."

8. "I hope my daughters find someone like you."

9. "You're gonna be a great dad."

10. "More people should be like you."

11. "I was always happy when I was working with you."

12. "You know she idolizes you."

13. "You have a really genuine smile."

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