13 Married People Share Their Favorite Tradition That's Unique To Them As A Couple

#11 is pretty precious.

It's always nice to have traditions — whether they're part of your daily life, occur during the holidays, take part in the workplace, or whatever you and those around you can come up with.

Recently, Reddit user TotallyLeegit asked married people about their favorite traditions with their spouses, and the thread sparked some pretty adorable answers. 

So whether you're generally curious or want a little inspiration for your own traditions, check out some of our favorite responses below:


1. The couple who arranges their snuggles.

2. The couple who "unknown dines."

3. The couple who tops their Christmas tree with a hat.

4. The couple with a set New Year's Eve plan.

5. The couple who celebrates with the same bottle of wine.

6. The couple who reads their wedding notes.

7. The couple who gives out a potato on Halloween.

8. The couple who shares champagne in the snow.

9. The couple who celebrates 12:53.

10. The couple who celebrates their Second Thanksgiving.

11. The couple who dances with the lights off.

12. The couple who calls for their hugs.

13. The couple who celebrates their first date.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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